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Nerdist News: Time of the Doctor Trailer, Edge of Tomorrow, Mars, and Mark Waid

Dear friends, you are not prepared for the COLOSSAL amount of awesome we’ve got on the show today.

You like Doctor Who? We’re checkin’ out an all new trailer for Matt Smith send-off The Time of the Doctor. You like sci-fi? OF COURSE YOU LIKE SCI-FI. So we took a look at two of 2014’s biggest non-super sci-fi flicks, Jupiter Ascending and Edge of Tomorrow. PLUS: details on how we might be living on Mars in the near future, an update to the Batman vs. Superman rumor poster, and to top it all off: a hang-out with all-star comics writer and karaoke enthusiast Mark Waid!

So dive on in and enjoy your tri-weekly dose of pop culture goodness on today’s Nerdist News. See you at the end of the week!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our full-length, in-depth Q & A with Mark Waid, where we discuss his new book Shadow Walk, the future of Daredevil, and his thoughts on the Drew Goddard Netflix series. B-B-B-Bonus: we ask YOUR questions in a game of Stump Mark Waid! Check it out!