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Nerdist News: Next-Gen STAR WARS Videogame, Marvel Phase 3 and 4, and a New HALO Series!

Hello again, friends! Hope you’ve girded your loins for this episode of Nerdist News, cause it may well be our most jam-packed yet!

Get ready to hear all about Uncharted writer Amy Hennig’s new gig as creative director for an all-new Star Wars game, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s plans through 2028, some late-in-the-game recasting for Leonardo and Splinter in this summer’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and an all-new Halo series coming from Ridley Scott and a veteran Battlestar Galactica director! Crazy!

Enjoy today’s episode, come see us tomorrow for another Nerdist News WTFridays, and sound off in the comments below about what you hope to see in Marvel’s next couple decades of cinematic adventures!


  1. dave j says:

    I wld if I cld,,no equipment…cheshire home,,no monies,poor me,but great site,only discovered today,what a nerd,its 5 & the sky is still blue its been great all day,I still cant get used to it,we have realy great weather here,just by redcar,must be the best in britain,great coastal walk too,wide prom,wots not to like ? 1000 new jobs too… *marry* the leonard cheshire organisation ,with,our national trust.sothat the charity can *use* its lovely *mansions* to get some income and so afford some decent care.its not the staffs fault,but they are paid lowly wages and havnt the time 2 care properly.