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Nerdist News: New Godzilla Trailer, Twitch on Xbox One, and Sherlock in Star Wars!

I’m worried, friends. Worried that today’s episode of Nerdist News could be too jam-packed with amazing to be considered medically safe. I mean, I’m not gonna stop you from proceeding here, but for the record you have been warned.

Pushing us past the red today is a crazy cool new Godzilla trailer featuring our first clear look at the big green lizard’s face. We’ve also got the debut of Twitch streaming from your Xbox One, a brand new Google phone that can see in 3D, and a Star Wars VII casting rumor that might just float your boat if you’re a fan of Sherlock. Or the Dark Knight Trilogy. Or Star Wars. Which you are. Come on.

Yes indeed, today’s episode is bright, and tomorrow’s is looking even brighter, so be sure not to miss it! And, of course, tell us in the comments below – are you liking the new Godzilla‘s gritty feel? Are you pumped to see Heisenberg battle a radioactive dragon?

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  1. SharlzG says:

    I thought Benedict SW VII casting rumours were old news (not that I’m have an issue with that because I think he’s crazy talented and will be brilliant) but Gary Oldman is news to me (and I’m not unhappy with that either because I also think he’s great). It’ll be good to see the story progress and move into the time of the Skywalker heirs. They’re epic story’s and definitely great for film. I also glad for the Clone Wars conclusion series and the new Rebels series teasers look great – excited to see how the actual show is.

  2. Jared says:


  3. Hopefully if the Solo siblings are introduced I hope that Bella Thorne is cast as Jaina. I feel she has the potential be be a household name and be the new heroine fans and little girls and boys can root for in the new chapters! I also hope to see my favorite actress Scarlett Johansson will be one of the new main villains in the saga. I hope that Sir Ben Kingsley & Dame Judi Dench will also have roles in the film!

  4. Sean says:

    On the new Godzilla trailer, when they are showing the destruction of Las Vegas, there is the hotel in the foreground and 2 twin figures standing in one of the rooms…… Am I looking too deep into this?? Or could this be the Mothra twins????