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Nerdist News: More Live From WonderCon with Lots of Deadpool, Jason O’Mara, and Simon Kinberg

Nerdist News is at WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend, and Jessica Chobot and the intrepid team of ace reporters is/are all over the place to bring you all the action. On a special Saturday edition, you’ll see Jessica signing at the Nerdist booth, a whole lotta cosplay, Clarke Wolfe with Andy Serkis from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Malik Forte with Jason O’Mara from the event for Son of Batman, Dan Casey talking to writer-producer Simon Kinberg, and an epic Deadpool costume contest, featuring San Diego Padres Deadpool.

You can find us at WonderCon at Booth 1410. You can find Nerdist’s WonderCon schedule here – look for us. And be there Sunday at Noon in the Arena (one-time home of the Anaheim Amigos!) for the Nerdist Industries panel. Lots going on with us….


  1. Michelle Crawford says:

    Awesome panel on Saturday at WonderCon. Keep up the great work guys (and gal), and YES!… Longer is better, according to “this gal”. All in favor of longer segments? Are ya with me? (Looks around the room to find she’s talking to herself again.) And p.s. I was stoked to see that I made the cut in the Selfie. #1 advantage of being short and flexible: Ability to wiggle my way through the instant horde of fellow Nerdist enthusiasts to selfie-actualize a long-standing fantasy! RAD.

  2. Jerry Beard says:

    Old school LOBO aka the main man… look on injustice to see which one I mean 😉