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Nerdist News: Is Marvel Still Planning a PLANET HULK Movie?

Thank Groot it’s Friday, am I right, guys? And we’re ending the week in style with more pop culture goodness on Nerdist News.

Contained within these three-and-a-half minutes of awesome: the return of Game of Thrones, a first look at Quicksilver in this Summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, an opportunity to help fund an H.R. Giger-inspired bar, and a possible hint of what Marvel’s Phase 3 and 4 might have in store for us. PLUS a weekend movie suggestion from our very own Dan Casey!

Have a spectacular weekend, friends, and tell us in the comments below: do you think we might be taking a trip to Planet Hulk in the coming years?


  1. Ross says:

    Dear, lovely, oblivious Chobot; the guys in the studio weren’t clapping because you can’t clap _and_ wipe away drool at the same time. Hubba, hubba.