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Nerdist News: Is Disney’s Tomorrowland Becoming Star Wars Land?

What up, Wednesday? Nerdist News is here to own you with a brand new episode positively bursting with radness!

We’ve got a stacked recap of some of the coolest stuff trotted out at CES so far this year, including a self-driving car and a computer the size of an SD card. We’ve got the announcement of Playstation Now, a game-streaming service nearly guaranteed to change the industry forever. We’ve got details on a new Alien videogame that’ll actually feel like the Alien movie. AND we’ve got word of a major Star Wars revamp for Disneyland!

All this, PLUS your weekly Pull List and a very surprising cameo. What’s not to like? Enjoy today’s episode, come back on Friday, and tell us in the comments below: is a self-driving car the worst idea ever? Or the best?


  1. Paul says:

    Nothing makes me happier than hearing Jessica say skeet skeet.