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Nerdist Laser Tag: Everything You Missed at Comic-Con 2014

Did you guys know that laser is an acronym meaing “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”? Of course you didn’t! Laser sounds way, way cooler! You know what’s even cooler than that? The Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel-themed Nerdist Laser Tag event we produced with 2K and Gearbox which turned Comic-Con into a glorious field of battle and/or a colosseum of good times. Couldn’t make it? Well, you’re dead to us! Not really, but we have deep-seated issues with object permanence, so we just assumed you were gone forever. Listen, we’re not trying to rub salt in the wound (unless you’re into that, in which case, weird), but you really should have been there. And to prove to you how badly we wished you could be there, we put together a little recap of everything that went down at Petco Park.

Last week, we put together a highlight reel of the greatest battles to go down in the Nerdist Laser Tag arena, but today we’re taking a look at everything that went down on the top floor of Petco Park. From Brian Walton’s childlike glee at meeting the cast of Sesame Street to CM Punk getting trapped in a trash barrel to audiences busting out their best Moon Dance to Jessica Nigri rocking her best Moon Moxxi cosplay and beyond, Nerdist Laser Tag at Petco Park was hands down some of the most fun you could have outside of the convention hall. And don’t even get me started on the Nerdist vs. Rocket Jump and Gearbox Laser Tag Grudge Match. Not only will it make the War of 1812 look like a Sunday afternoon picnic, but it featured the likes of Chris HardwickCM Punk, Freddie WongMatt MiraRandy Pitchford, Jessica Chobot, Malik Forte, Kyle Hill and more of your favorites waging glorious laser war against one another. When friends shoot friends with lasers, we all win.

Didn’t make it out to Nerdist Laser Tag? You can still experience all the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel awesomeness when it lands in stores on October 14, 2014.

Did you come out and fire lasers with us? Let us know what your Comic-Con highlights were in the comments below!


  1. lover says:

    Jessica Chobot….I wanna put your face on my face and mush our faces together.  And then play some xbox, and then mush our faces together some more…then maybe if your up for it, we could mush some other body parts together……Your husband can watch.