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Nerdist Labor Day Playlist: 40 Anthems For The Long Weekend

Nerdist Labor Day Playlist: 40 Anthems For The Long Weekend

Sup, August? You are just going to walk out on us like that? That’s cool I guess. Not like we’re going to miss you or anything. So what you were extra hot this year–not like we noticed or anything. Psh.

The reality is setting in. Summer is ending. It’s time to go back to school, re-up on cardigans, and plan your culturally relevant Halloween costume (if anyone wants a giant hollowed out teddy bear from my Miley Cyrus themed party last year, hit me up in the comments). But just because its the end of the season doesn’t mean we have to be total bummers about it! So we made a mix! A good one! A long one! This should help you soundtrack a whole day at a beach, or barbecuing with all your closest friends, or staying in and having a really hyphy hibernation soundtrack.

This mix has everything: mid-aughts indie rock, Robyn, Saint Pepsi, LCD Soundsystem, Bran Van 3000, Paul Simon, Drake, Best Coast, and way way more dudes. Unless you only listen to Insane Clown Posse (which is fine if that is your thing!), then you will undoubtedly find something to really rock out to on thisĀ 40-track playlist (!). Enjoy this wondrous batch of infectious anthems all weekend long–you deserve it!



    Mountain Of Love

    Who Am I (Who Are You), Another Man Done Gone, Set You Free, The Mountain Of Love, The Last Of The Secret Agents etc….