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Nerdist Interviews Kathryn Hahn at the Premiere of BAD WORDS

Nerdist Interviews Kathryn Hahn at the Premiere of BAD WORDS

Kathryn Hahn finds herself a very busy woman these days. Between bouncing from television to movies and back again, we spoke with the funny lady at the premiere of her new film Bad Words, directed by and starring Jason Bateman, about the exciting things she has coming up.

How was it for Hahn working with first time director Bateman? “Oh, my gosh, it was the dreamiest. I’m such a fan of his for my whole life and then to see him walk into this role of director so easily, I want to take a bullhorn and just shout to the world, ‘You have to work with Jason as a director!’ because I had the most fun, it was just heaven. I never wanted it to end.”

Aside from her costar, what else drew her to Bad Words? “I remember seeing the documentary Spellbound and thinking, ‘Oh!,’ my heart in my throat. It was so deeply funny and inherently dramatic. There’s such suspense built into something, you can’t believe the life and death stakes, and so I was very excited for that to be a part of this.”

Hahn is going to be very busy both this year and next with some very high profile projects in the works. “I have This Is Where I Leave You coming out, also with Mr. Bateman. Tomorrowland, which is a Brad Bird movie.” Is Hahn just as excited for the Ghost Protocol director’s follow up as we are? “I’m telling you, when I see it there’s going to be so much other things in there that was not even in the scene with me. I’m so excited!”

Bad Words starring Jason Bateman, Kathryn Hahn, Rachael Harris, and Ben Falcone screens at SXSW next week and opens wide March 28.