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Nerdist Industries Panel At Wondercon 3/31: Be There

wonderconnerdist2013POSTYou gonna be at Wondercon in Anaheim March 29-31? Yeah? Then you will want to participate in what’s shaping up to be a Nerdist weekend there. You already know about the Nerdist Podcast Live at the City National Grove of Anaheim, just down the street from the Anaheim Convention Center, on Friday, March 29th, and if you haven’t gotten tickets for that, do that now, because tickets are separate from Wondercon and you’d better get ’em fast.

Here’s what’s new: On Sunday, March 31st at noon in the Arena, we’re going to have a Nerdist Industries panel. Chris Hardwick will, of course, be hosting and we’ll… well, we can’t tell you yet, but you definitely will want to be there. Big announcements, fun, maybe even some quemments — mark it down on your schedules and make sure you don’t miss it.

And there’s tons more to see and do at Wondercon, including a panel with Guillermo del Toro and James Wan hosted by Warner Bros. and our parent company Legendary Pictures, and you need to click here for the schedule and more information. Also, you’ll see members of Team Nerdist wandering around all weekend, including me; say hi but don’t make direct eye contact. Oh, okay, go ahead, make eye contact. In fact, we’ll be happy to see you. And remember, right in the middle of it, on Saturday night, March 30th on BBC America, there’s the first in a new series of “The Nerdist,” 10/9c, and if you’re at Wondercon, I’m sure you can find a suitably-equipped TV and watch it to complete your world.

So, if you’ll be at Wondercon, make sure to make it a Nerdist weekend. See you at the panel. And the podcast.

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  1. Juliet says:

    We want Wondercon back in the bay!!!

  2. Daniel says:

    Duke Nerdum