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Nerdist Fett

A person on Facebook known as Fett Finish who builds and repaints Mandalorian and other Star Wars helmets in cool and interesting ways has painted one in the color scheme of this very parish, complete with logo on the top! It’s pretty much the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. What do you think?

Nerdist Fett

Nerdist Fett 2

Nerdist Fett 3

To check out the rest of the photos of this awesome helmet, check out Fett Finish’s “Nerdist Fett” gallery. It’s well worth it. And since you’re in a Star Wars state of mind, why not sign up to run in this year’s Course of the Force, the massive relay from Skywalker Ranch to San Diego in the week leading up to Comic-Con? Anyone who wears a Nerdist Fett helmet will get…a hearty pat on the back.