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Nerdist Comics PanelNerdist Comics Panel

Nerdist Comics Panel #9: Fanship and Creators’ Responsibility

Comics edition #9: Hosts Len Wein (creator of Wolverine, Swamp Thing, and hundreds more), Adam Beechen (Hench, Batman Beyond), Ben Blacker (Thrilling Adventure Hour; Wolverine: Season One), and Heath Corson (Aim High; Scary Godmother) discuss fanship and creators’ responsibility to fans, including the Veronica Mars movie, the (first) death of Robin, killing characters, and more.


  1. You guys discussed how there is no real death in superhero comics and then discuss how the stakes of superhero comics are always life and death, but never address the impact of one concept on the other. How can the stakes be life or death when there is no death?

  2. Dan says:

    Speaking of stories from a different perspective, have you seen the Hawkeye issue a couple months back from the perspective of Pizza Dog? Really well designed and the perspective is unlike a lot of things I’ve seen in mainstream comics.

  3. ian Boothby says:

    Looking forward to it. Here’s the problem with killing Robin to me. Batman is motivated by the murder of his parents. When his son is murdered and it’s actually his own fault for the most part, his parents’ deaths no longer are that big a deal. You mess up the origin.