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Nerdist Comics Panel #33: Advice to The New Writer
Nerdist Comics PanelNerdist Comics Panel

Nerdist Comics Panel #33: Advice to The New Writer

Ben Blacker and his writing partner Ben Acker are near to taking over writing duties on Marvel’s Thunderbolts. Len Wein, Adam Beechen, and Heath Corson give their advice based upon their experiences in taking over books from existing writers and as readers invested in a book that was taken over by a new creative team.


  1. FreshMetal says:

    Great podcast. I love it when all of you guys are together having fun. Too bad the episode ends abruptly.

  2. Beechen, you think people were upset with you for your Robin story because of “details you put in the story that contradicted other details.” You completely screwed up the character, did no research of the previous run and turned one of the few female superheros that had a solo title before “One Year Later” into a killer for no reason.