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Nerdist Chats with MUPPETS MOST WANTED Star Tina Fey

Nerdist Chats with MUPPETS MOST WANTED Star Tina Fey

Muppet fanboys and girls alike were thrilled when it was announced that the one and only Tina Fey would be working alongside The Muppets in the upcoming Muppets Most Wanted, opening this Friday. In the latest Muppet caper, Fey plays Nadya, a mean Russian prison guard, who sings, dances, and holds Kermit The Frog captive for crimes he didn’t commit. The movie is a lot of fun, and Fey is excellent as a sort-of bad guy.

We caught up with the 30 Rock creator/star, SNL alum, and Nerdist podcast guest to talk about what it was like working with the Hollywood legends. “It was great!,” she said. “They’re as fun as you’d imagine, and they’re never in a bad mood. And they look awesome first thing in the morning. Humans look terrible first thing in the morning.” While they’re all pros at this point, when asked which Muppet might benefit from a few acting classes, Fey noted, “They’re all better than human actors, but maybe Sweetums.”

Fey also mentioned that her first Muppet memory was “Sesame Street,” adding, “because I’m old.” When asked about The Muppets and why it’s so easy for audiences to believe in the Muppet magic, she said, “Well, I think they are real. They’re real to me!”

Up next for Fey is the film This Is Where I Leave You with Bad Words star Jason Bateman, and writing the comedy series Tooken starring The Office’s Ellie Kemper.

Muppets Most Wanted opens everywhere this Friday.