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Nerdist Channel EXCLUSIVE: The New “Evil Dead” TV Spot, First

A TV spot for the remake of Evil Dead will premiere on AMC during The Walking Dead Sunday night, but the Nerdist Channel has an exclusive for you — it’s the commercial, a few days early. Here it is.

For more, here’s the Red band trailer from January:

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  1. CC says:

    ^ Nobody in the Evil Dead trilogy was a ‘hippy’.

  2. NickP says:


    It’s a remake of a movie based on possessed hippy chicks. However, I do apologize that the filmmakers didn’t discuss it with you beforehand to see if they should instead use 3 overweight, hairy dudes.

    Hopefully you can find it in your heart to forgive them….or just not watch the movie.

  3. Grimlyn says:

    What is it with scary movies having skinny chicks with bad complexions that have hair from a 3 day hippy festival?

    The whole “smaller is scarier” thing is over with.