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Nerdist Art: Clash of the Titans iPhone Background Just For YOU

carlos_clash_iphoneYou know what I like? Kick-ass artists. I’m not unique in that way. Fortunately I’m friends with quite a few of them and have put out the request for kick-ass Nerdist-themed art from these kick-ass artists. I apparently also enjoy the term “kick-ass.”

This inaugural offering is by my pal Carlos Ramos who created a beautifully animated show I was on called “The X’s.” For no reason that I can think of I asked him to do something with “Clash of the Titans,” a film that dared to re-imagine the squid-like Kraken of Norse mythology  as a humanoid gargoyle in the Mediterranean Sea.

The result is STUNNINGLY nerdtastic. You got the Kraken there, Pegasus, and of course, Bubo the mechanical owl. I want to smear this picture directly onto my brain! View more of Carlos’ work on his blog and don’t neglect to see the card from his art show last year entitled, “Natural History Museum.” Your eyes will thank you.

More Nerdist art to come!

carlos_clash_iphoneRight click on the image and highlight “Save Image As…” Then enjoy!