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NBC’s ROBIN HOOD Musical Had Better Have a Little Bryan Adams

NBC’s ROBIN HOOD Musical Had Better Have a Little Bryan Adams

So if NBC has their way, the Robin Hood show they’re developing well end up on the stage and on your radio at some point in the not-too-distant future.

The network that put a live Sound of Music on TV and is looking to do the same for Peter Pan is developing Robin Hood & Marian, a musical series about the origins of the English archer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series – set in 1190 – would be an origin story of the folk hero/greatest of all Costner roles.

The project sounds ambitious: NBC is hoping to crank out somewhere around 60 songs from the series that could then make their way to a stage production, with non-traditional musical numbers which will nix the dancing and presumably Glee-style breaks in the action for fantasy sequences. The writing room will be working in parallel with the song-writing team of Evan “Kidd” Bogart and Emanuel “Eman” Kiriakou.

By the way, I want to re-state that I’m making some best guesses here on how the show will be structured without traditional musical numbers. Will it be Broadway-style tunes or pop-centered? Kiriakou and Bogart have written music for Beyonce and Rhianna, so clearly they weren’t hired to do their best Sondheim impersonations.

The announcement comes as NBC announces plans to also develop a series set in the 1970s (currently called The 1970s) with Sony. The show is being produced by singer/The Voice judge Adam Levine and would take a look at the music industry in during that decade through the eyes of the artists, and businessmen and women who lived through it.

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