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Navigate Through ZELDA’s Hyrule with This Wooden Map

Navigate Through ZELDA’s Hyrule with This Wooden Map

It’s dangerous to go alone in the wonderful land of Hyrule. But graphic designer Alex Griendling and the folks at Neutral Ground are making it easier to navigate its terrain, you know, if Hyrule were a real place.

Griendling recreates a map of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s Hyrule, drawing inspiration not only from the N64 title, but from several other Zelda games including The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the 3DS. He included intricate details to make sure the cartography remains true to the Zelda universe, addeding some clever surprises for longtime fans. You can spot Lord Jabu-Jabu in Zora’s Fountain, see the Royal Family’s tomb in Kakariko Village Graveyard, and hopefully there’s a hidden cucco somewhere. I’m still looking.

My favorite detail, however, is his inclusion of Hylian–the ever-changing language of Hyrule. He even added a key for those interested in learning the language, so don’t overlook all those squiggly lines. Last but not least, there’s also an item inventory list with some pretty neat images that would look wicked as tattoos.

Take a look at the craftsmanship below:

While Griendling did design and illustrate the map, it was Neutral Ground who laser-etched it onto a wooden board. The wooden boards were hand selected and are 24” wide by 18” tall. The map will set you back $195, but for any Zelda fan, it’s worth breaking a few pots over.

And make sure you save some room on your walls: this is the first of a ten map set. I would love to see all ten of these wooden maps laid side-by-side atop a coffee table, so someone with a pouch full of silver rupees, please make it happen.

You can purchase a map on the Neutral Ground website.