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Naughty Dog Details the Last DLC for THE LAST OF US

Naughty Dog Details the Last DLC for THE LAST OF US

There’s one more round of The Last of Us DLC on the way and it’s called the “Grounded Bundle,” a $4.99 single player DLC for Naughty Dog’s apocalyptic survival game. The PlayStation Blog post detailing the expansion promises increased difficulty and more challenging AI.

But no worries, because the bundle also includes new weapon loadouts, adding (among other goodies) the Specter, a silenced assault rifle, the Double Barrel, a double-barrel shotgun, and the Launcher, which projects small explosives like a homemade potato gun. You can try the new weapons before buying them in a separate bundle for $5.99. There’s also new Survival Bundles priced at $3.99, offering enhanced character stats, if you’re so inclined. Plus, all The Last of Us players will receive another new gun, the Full-auto Rifle, gratis.

If you’re still deep into the multiplayer, The Reclaimed Territories Map Pack brings four new locations to the game, including Wharf, Capitol, Water Tower, and Coal Mine. That will set you back $9.99.

Sony didn’t provide a date for the new bundles, but promises that you can check it all out via a Twitch livestream Thursday, April 24th at noon Pacific Time.

HT: PlayStation Blog via Game Informer