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NAUGHTY DOG Adds Some Lovesauce To Valentine’s Day

NAUGHTY DOG Adds Some Lovesauce To Valentine’s Day

Before you take your sweet Valentine to the living room couch for a romantic evening of The Last of Us: Left Behind, couple a nice box of chocolate with one of these heart-warming Naughty Dog Valentine’s Day cards, featuring some of their games’ most distinguished characters. There are quite a few of them to chose from, including:

The Last of Us

Uncharted Cards

and Jak and Daxter
Jak Cards

Aww, isn’t that so darn stinking cute. For once, Naughty Dog hits us on the warmer side of our feels (or at least until we fire up Left Behind). These were put together by two of the talented artists within Naughty Dog’s ranks, Alexandria Neonakis and Lily Nishita. If you’re looking to give one of these to your special someone, each of these lovely illustrations is available for you to grab right here.

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