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Natto Dread on “Weird S#!t From Japan”

Ever eat natto? That’s Jukka’s latest trial on the Nerdist Channel’s Weird S#!t From Japan, the traditional food made from fermented soybeans with the odor and flavor that, you know, aren’t for every taste. Maybe not for most tastes.

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  1. Mr Art says:

    this was crazy lmao he’s a better man than me

    mr art

  2. farleyk says:

    Odd, I posted a comment here, but it was apparently disdained and discarded. Could it be because I had a link in it to an old bit of internetty fun called “Steve Don’t Eat It”? Look that one up folks, it includes an interesting bit of culinary anthropology involving the very substance spoken of here. And eating the stuff.