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Nathan Fillion’s Guardians of the Galaxy Role Revealed

Nathan Fillion’s Guardians of the Galaxy Role Revealed

With the amount of attention being paid to who Nathan Fillion will be in this week’s Guardians of the Galaxy, you would think we’d notice when the director introduces footage featuring the man. James Gunn has already clarified for us that Nathan Fillion is not Nova in the film. Fans still want to know what Marvel legend the Castle actor would be. Gunn was clear that it would be a blink and you’ll miss it performance that would not be something within the bigger universe. Well, we didn’t blink and everyone still missed it. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know what thousands of people didn’t notice during the Imax preview of footage from the film.

In the prison scene that was previewed for audiences, we noticed Lloyd Kaufman but we failed to notice the former Captain Mal. The big-blue-bruiser prison inmate that gets taught a lesson by Groot and Rocket Raccoon is voiced by Fillion. James Gunn didn’t even keep it a secret and we still missed him on first viewing.

You can see Fillion’s quick performance when Guardians of the Galaxy is released on Friday August 1st. With Fillion still a free agent as a superhero, which Marvel character would you like to see him play?