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MUSIC NERDIST: Best Birfffday Songs, according to me (the guy that’s always right.)

My birthday is coming up this weekend. I’ll be turning an age that’s
closer to the signifying number of years you live before you have to
realize yer not a kid anymore. Seeing as how I now cower at the idea of
having any kind of party to “celebrate” my slow death. I have the
feeling that I’ll just want to spend it the way I spent ALL of my
formative birthdays, alone and disappointed whilst listening to MUSIC
in my room. So here is a list of some of my favorite BIRTHDAY SONGS:

#5: The original happy birthday song by the HILL sisters in the
late 1800’s. It’s totally overused and not cool at all. EPIC FAIL HILL
#4: Happy Birthday by CLEM SNIDE. So soothing and happy
sounding, you’ll forget that yer decaying body is starting to hurt this
year more than last year.
#3: You say its your birthday! by THE BEATLES.  Not their best work
(obviously, a**hole) but mentioned because of it’s association with the
movie 16 candles (the scene with Ted in the car).
Lisa It’s your birthday, Happy birthday Lisa: by MICHAEL JACKSON (leon
kompowski)…that song will get stuck in your head as easily as gum in
Lisa’s Hair. (reference!)
#1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY by WEIRD AL YANKOVIC: I used to play it loudly for
each of my family members on their birthdays. Because i loved it and
they thought it was irritating…EFF THEM. It’s one of the punkiest
songs Al ever did. and it was on his ST release. And yes, I still like him.

alrighty, happy birthday to me.