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Music Geek Track(s) Of The Week: Remix Edition!

Hello summer bunnies! The end is finally here. It’s Labor Day, which unofficially means this summer is over. OVER. I’m sorry.

Though we must endure the end of Summer Fridays, pool closings and less reasons to eat all of the ice cream, at least we can look back at the great music that sunk through our noggins and into our heart.

And no, nothing about Miley Cyrus or her tongue.

I’m using this last week of summer to post some of my favorite remixes that will hopefully make our seasonal depression a little less drastic.

Let’s begin with “B.I.M.A.,” better known as the Bon Iver Mashup Album. I posted it below in its entirety, though I must emphasize the importance of listening to track one, “Towers Down Under.” It is beautiful. Freaking beautiful. (“Land Down Under”/”Towers,” if you were curious.)



Now, to follow up with something completely opposite from the soothing melodies of Bon, we move onto Blackstreet. Really, Blackstreet. Bondax released a remix earlier this summer that might not be the most socially relevant thing in the world, but it also has the ability to unhinge your foot from your leg and kick your own ass with it.



And finally, the most anti-climactic and predictable finale anyone could have seen coming. Obviously I’m going to post about Lorde. My favorite 16 year old on the planet (I’m very sorry to my 16 year old cousin, but when she releases an EP that immediately becomes the biggest thing on the earth while wearing black lipstick and singing about Cadillacs, the spot will be hers). The remix to Royals was released a week ago by The Weekend, and it will stay on repeat indefinitely. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Happy end of summer, Nerds!