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Music Geek Tracks Of The Day: ‘Pool’ and ‘Center’ by Quarterbacks

Music Geek Tracks Of The Day: ‘Pool’ and ‘Center’ by Quarterbacks

Disclaimer: Prepare to roll your eyes at the hipster-y post below. Just remember, it’s possible for them to get stuck that way, so I suggest keeping an open mind and embracing what I’m about to tell you…

Quarterbacks, a trio based out of New Paltz, NY, has hit us with two tracks, “Center” and “Pool,” from their May 6th cassette tape release, Quarterboy. Yes, cassette tape. The songs are short and sweet, low-fi bedroom tracks reminiscent of something you’d hear on the Juno soundtrack.

I couldn’t pick my favorite so I’m hitting you with a double-whammy. Both songs have a runtime of under two minutes. Their briefness is a rare treat, not because the songs aren’t good enough to go on for another two minutes, but because they are self aware. They don’t need to be longer; their raw-folk sound is like a fun-sized candy bar, you don’t get it for long, but when you’re chewing, everything seems to be okay.


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