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Music Geek Track Of The Week: Twin Peaks, “Stand in the Sand”

Okay, first thing: No, not that Twin Peaks, but here is a link to the Angelo Badalamenti title song just in case you are fixin’ for a flashback.

This Twin Peaks are a Chicago-based clique of garage rocking teenagers and aspiring burnouts who have recorded a face-melting summer anthem for high school seniors trying to make as many hometown mistakes as possible before college starts (because everyone knows you stop making them right away in college).

Mistakes are the currency of coolness as a teenager, and I should have made way more — but that’s okay, because Twin Peaks are here to retroactively compensate. I mean, LOOK HOW MANY MISTAKES THEY MADE IN THIS TWO-MINUTE VIDEO ALONE. Fireworks-motorcycling would have filled an entire year’s quota of bad calls for me as 17-year-old. In my defense (?), though, I did break my wrist in a wicked downhill soapbox racer accident in my junior year of high school. I overcompensated on a turn and couldn’t stop because the “brake system” was a thin square of rubber nailed to a plank of wood, which obviously was not enough to halt a careening pile of lumber going downhill at 20 miles an hour.

But that was just one poor decision and quite frankly, following through on all of Twin Peaks’ horrible ideas looks pretty exhausting. I guess you have a lot of extra energy when your diet consists solely of spliffs and hot dogs (only uncool offense in this video is putting ketchup on a Chicago dog. Come on, bros.)

Their upcoming Sunken LP will be out July 9th via Autumn Tone Records.

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