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Music Geek Track Of The Week: “Turn On The Sunshine”

First off, let me just say how sorry I am for how much Matt and I have sucked at posting music lately. I would like to blame the economy, because that just seems to be an easy thing to blame everything on.  To make it up to you, my dearest nerds, I would like to share my new favorite summer jam, Turn On The Sunshine by Suckers.

Not only do we adore them because their album is titled “Candy Salad” (quite possibly one of my favorite names in existence), we love them because these experimenters of sound create some of the warm and fuzziest melodies in indie rock. This Brooklyn band has worked with the likes of Matt Boynton of MGMT and Anand Wilder of Yeasayer, although even without namedropping, the sound really does speak for itself.  The track “Turn On The Sunshine” turns on the sunshine in my soul. The song will tuck you in a blanket of sand on a warm beach. I can’t imagine a better anthem for summer.

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