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Music Geek Track of the Week: The Men’s “I Saw Her Face”

Have you ever wanted to get up from your workweek cubicle and HULK SMASH the nearest furniture or office supplies just to see how great it would feel/how weird everyone would think you were? The Men’s “I Saw Her Face” from their upcoming album, New Moon, walks you through the rash decision-making and aftermath of being the super crazy guy/girl that’s totally going to get fired after he or she is done curb stomping some ink cartridges.

The initial explosion of blaring guitars and cymbals eventually yields to a cool swagger that would invariably result after making a reckless-but-awesome decision. And the instant the track catches its breath, it self-injects an adrenaline/endorphin cocktail that ultimately leads to combustion. It’s like if you cooled down on your walk out and flipped over the front desk as your fiery denouement. New Moon is out March 5th via Sacred Bones.