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Music Geek Track Of The Week: “The Look”

Man, it’s been a crazy week in music. I say this mainly because we have now learned how to bring deceased artists back from the dead to perform live at music festivals. Personally, I’m excited for The Beatles reunion tour in 2013.

Whilst running around in the desert this weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting with Metronomy. I believe I may be a tad late to the game on this one, but if you haven’t jumped on the Metronomy train, JUMP! The music may seem chill, but they energize it by pasting lights erupting from their chests that blink in beat with their keyboard riffs that could literally come straight out of your N64.

“The Look” is one of those songs that sounds familiar even if you’ve never heard it before in your life. It’s a great example of where indie music seems to be headed recently and Metronomy seems to be the leader of the pack. It’s taking heavy 80’s influences and putting a new spin on it through their harmonies and awesome light-dances.