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Music Geek Track of the Week: Rochelle Jordan, ‘Follow Me’

Music Geek Track of the Week: Rochelle Jordan, ‘Follow Me’

Winter is the time of year when I go on R&B benders, and this is compounded by several factors: 1. The brumal months are a time of perpetual darkness in Chicago, because the sun sets at 3:30 pm and it is almost like life is constantly filtered through a black-and-white lens (once, in college, I accidentally became nocturnal because I started going to bed late enough to wake up just as the sun was setting) 2. The numbing, lake-effect cold needs to be combatted with any stimulus that even approximates warmth or color. The accumulation of this sensory deprivation can be overwhelming, but voluptuous low ends and sweet croons have always given me an aural blanket that help me trudge through until May (when winter in Chicago officially ends).

Rochelle Jordan slays here. Her voice is dulcet, yet confident, and her hair is Erykah-Badu-esque, so extra points. Having just helped Childish Gambino on his great because the internet, Jordan is primed to have an impressive 2014 if “Follow Me” is any indication of her direction. Really feelin’ it — hope you nerds enjoy, too.


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