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Music Geek Track Of The Week: “Oh Tannenbaum (8 Bit Retro Christmas)”

Happy Christmas Eve Eve, Nerds!

I will make this short and sweet as my mother is requesting me to accompany her on some last minute Christmas/Hanukkah shopping. Today’s TOTW was the easiest pick yet (once I realized it existed). This amazing rendition of “Oh Tannenbaum” was arranged for a special retro, 8 bit Christmas and it’s pretty amazeballs.


But don’t fret fellow Jewish nerds, for I have not forgotten about you! In the same light as our 8 bit Christmas, I found THIS . It’s not a song. No, it’s better. It’s an 8 bit HANNUKAH VIDEO GAME. All you do is light candles, but the fact that someone took the time to program it makes me love the world just a little bit more.

Have a great Chrismakkwanza! Please post your favorite holiday music below, I promise we’ll listen.


Becca and Matt


  1. Boris says:

    This 8-bit music of Oh Tannenbaum is awesome! Felt like I was in a boss fight XD

    My favorite holiday music is a tagalog song called “Star ng Pasko”

  2. Nathaniel H. says:

    Since no one has apparently commented, I’ll throw this out there: THIS IS AWESOME. Is that screen shot from a real Santa flash game Mario thing? If yes, awesome. If no. shame.