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Music Geek Track Of The Week: Nothing’s ‘Get Well’

Music Geek Track Of The Week: Nothing’s ‘Get Well’

Nothing’s band history is one of those stories you know will be oft-repeated when their debut album, Guilty of Everything, makes year-end lists at the conclusion of 2014. The fact that lead singer, Domenic Palermo, served time in prison for aggravated assault and attempted murder isn’t completely impertinent, though: You can hear a well of anger — not so much outwardly violent as self-immolating and penitent — throughout Nothing’s new album.

“Get Well” is a sludgy track that combines the sharp corners of punk with the density of shoegaze, both genres for which Palermo has immense appreciation. If you’ve had a shit day and are in need of catharsis, or if you are with someone you care about and the lighting is right (this versatile listenability is the reason I like this song so much), I really recommend this track.

If you dig, you can listen to the whole album over at NPR right now and pick it up in stores/via streaming services on March 4th.