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Music Geek Track Of The Week: “New York City”

You know how within seconds of hearing a wonderful new song, you have opened your email, composed a new draft with the subject line “YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS RIGHT NOW OR WE WONT BE FRIENDS ANYMORE,” and sent it to those five constantly-annoyed people that want you to “Just stop it, I have work to do I’ll listen to it later”? Or am I alone on this?

That’s “New York City” by Among Savages, a spectacular song arranged by Peter Barbee off the album Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind. I was sent this song on Wednesday and it took every fiber of my body to not change the Track of the Week to Thursday morning at 3am because I deeply wanted you all to experience Among Savages.

I am endorsing New York City, maybe because I was feeling a little nostalgic for the big apple, or maybe because it was the first song I listened to, but rest assured, this entire album is swoon-worthy. It’s very rare when every track ignites an emotional response from the listener but Wanderings definitely did it for me.

iTunes describes the music as “gospel-tinged indie-disco,” an accurate response solely based on the uniqueness yet hovering accessibility on which Among Savages has honed in. One of those five annoyed friends of mine put it best: “It’s like indie new-aged aristocrat.” They’re wonderful in the aspect where I immediately loved it because the songs were different than the mainstream indie-pop I’ve been getting sent a lot lately.

Listen to New York City and I hope you fall in love with it just as I did.

P.S. I have to give Nick Kocher (Britanick, I Just Want My Pants Back) a shout out because he was the lovely human being that sent me the track to begin with. Watch his sketches and go to his monthly UCB show in New York.