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Music Geek Track of the Week: IYES’ “Glow”


IYES are a Brighton-based electro pop outfit comprised of Josh Christopher and Melisa Soyaslanova, who make charming, deliberate pop music. The succinctness of this description is actually a compliment.

“Glow” is a throbbing single that could tear my 2005 car speakers to shreds, and it accomplishes this with little flourish. It is maximalist without excess, and that is something that takes a lot of forethought and restraint (Wu Lyf were experts at this RIP). An understated arpeggiated xylophone riff transitions to an endorphin-fueled, synth-driven chorus in what feels like a wave of runner’s high that mysteriously onset after a relatively mild activity. I am interested in the headspace these two are cultivating, and I’m definitely looking forward to how they will distinguish their sound in the sea of boy-girl synth-pop bands.