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Music Geek Track Of The Week: DJ Earworm’s “United State Of Pop”


Happy New Year, Nerds!!! Let’s take a moment to remember all of the spectacularly catchy and sometimes crappy music of 2012. Every year DJ Earworm makes a spiffy musical mashup incorporating the 25 “biggest hits” during that particular year. 2012 did not disappoint. From the stylings of Adele, to the soul of Flo Rida (or as I like to call him, Florida) we can remember the music of 2012 in one four-minute-and-two-second kaleidoscope. From what I can gather from Earworm’s vision, 2012 has been an impressively diverse year.

I can’t wait to hear what 2013 has in store for us, but after hearing this collection, lets all just sit and pray for a new National album.


  1. Gospel X says:

    I love DJ Earworms work, but every year the United State of Pop hits further and further from the mark for me. It has nothing to do with his mixing ability and everything to do with the fact that I’ve fallen so far from pop music that I am unfamiliar enough with the tracks that they are almost indistinguishable anyway. (They all sound like that same thing that makes me want to just plug in my iPod in the car.) I promised myself that I wouldn’t become that guy when I got older, but I did. I don’t get the current state of pop.

  2. Blake says:

    Woah, this is jaw dropping, time to spend the next 4 hours on youtube finding the other DJ Earworm mashups!