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Music Geek Track Of The Week: “Call Me On Broken Glass (Rostam Remix)”

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I’m a nerd, so lets hang out and watch Doctor Who maybe? Okay, bad joke, but that was me warning you that I’m about to throw out some mainstream hipster nonsense today.

If someone told me what I would think Vampire Weekend and Carly Ray Jepsen’s baby would look like, I would cringe, run to my car and blast The National really really loud to get that sick image out of my mind. Although separately, Vamp Weekend and CRJ have their own special place in this world, together many might take it as musical suicide (Musical Suicide is also the name of my non-existent reality show, so don’t even think about stealing that). Today, whilst perusing the interwebs and remembering that Vampire Weekend existed, I began listening to Rostam Batmanglij, better known simply as Rostam.

The few singles he’s released this year are just wonderful. Wood and Don’t Let It Get To You would easily make the cut on the soundtrack to my biopic. And Rostam recently did us the pleasure of remixing that overdone, terrifyingly catchy tune, “Call Me Maybe.”

It’s way way way way way way better than the original, so please don’t judge the book by its cover.