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Music Geek Track Of The Week: A “Hip-Hop Christmas Remix” Light Show


Coming straight from a half-Jewish nerd, I give you the best Christmas display of all time. All right, all right, I KNOW this isn’t technically a “track,” but its awesomeness would merit 10 TOTWs. This is THE HIP-HOP CHRISTMAS REEEEMIXXX. Most light shows timed to music are the essence of lame, but this holiday season Georgetown Holidays in Georgetown, Texas went above and beyond to time their thousands of lights to one spectacularly awesome variety of Christmas songs.

The show happens every 10 minutes between the hours from 7-11pm. And even though I may loathe a few of the songs thrown into this extravaganza, the fact that Will Ferrell’s “Baby Jesus” speech from Talladega Nights makes an appearance makes up for any LMFAO song or country nonsense thrown in.

My deepest condolences to this house’s neighbors. And my sincere congratulations to Georgetown Water and Power for making bank off of this house this holiday season.

Happy Holidays, Nerds!

Love, Becca