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Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘West Coast (Grades Remix)’

Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘West Coast (Grades Remix)’

Nerds, nerds, nerds… sometimes things happen, and sometimes artists you once thought you hated come out with a song that you think is decent, but then that song gets remixed into something fantastic! Well, that something just arose from the dark gothic underworld that birthed Lana Del Rey. Her new single West Coast was just remixed by Grades and instead of it sounding like an emo kid’s nightmare, it’s more like drinking lemonade in a convertible on the PCH. Remixes are the best.

Artists have the tendency to post remixes by famous producers, talented fans, and known DJs. Lana Del Rey is no different. Her songs are very simple, so naturally any remix artist would gravitate to her monotone voice and have a field day. Grades decided to enhance the romantic feeling of West Coast and add in a poppy beat that will likely find its way on every summer playlist this year. Click away, dear nerds!

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  1. crashprone says:

    Nice find Becca! However, when I’m not drinking lemonade in a convertible, I’d rather listen to Solomun’s remix of the song

    I’ve not heard the original yet though :O