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Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Salad Days’ by Mac DeMarco

Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Salad Days’ by Mac DeMarco

Since last I wrote about Mac DeMarco back in 2012, he has become indie rock’s class clown and valedictorian. On his most recent album Salad Days, out today, his gap-toothed grin and cross eyed charm have sublimated into his best collection of songs yet, including the track below, which shares the same name. The record is sort of like a mildly more even-keeled version of Connan Mockasin’s most recent albumSalad Days is full of wonky sounds and serious thoughts.

I have been saving a screen shot of him making one of the weirdest faces I have ever seen during a studio performance he recently did for Yours Truly. I just liked it. He is making a similarly goofy expression in the above picture, but somehow manages to look super confident in his absurdity. That’s what I like about Mac DeMarco: He is cross-eyed and dead on.

Salad Days is out now via Captured Tracks — I wouldn’t be surprised to see this on our year end list….

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