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Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Run-Time’ by Imogen Heap

Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Run-Time’ by Imogen Heap

Remember years ago when you were fairly certain you had just watched the deepest, most profound movie of your generation? I’m speaking as a millennial of course, but after seeing Zach Braff‘s directorial debut, Garden State, back in 2004 at my local art house theater in Cincinnati, Ohio, I felt just like Braff after meeting Natalie Portman in a neurologists office and listening to the The Shins. My life was indelibly changed.

Regardless of  the myriad opinions on Braff, the music supervision in his films has always opened me up to new bands and singer-songwriters, one of my favorites being Imogen Heap. Heap’s song, “Let Go” (recorded with her band Frou Frou) was featured in the final scene of Garden State, and it was such a monumental moment. She’s recently released her first single since 2009 called “Run-Time,” and it creates the same dense, yet atmospheric soundscape that that lends her music to cinematically significant scenes. I urge you to take a listen, and make your ear-holes happy.

Her next studio album, Sparks, will be released on August 18th. You can pre-order it here.

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  1. God I love Imogen Heap <3