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Music Geek Track of the Day: “Prom” by Oh, Rose

Music Geek Track of the Day: “Prom” by Oh, Rose

You know how your brain can essentially autofill information when presented with incomplete facts, like when you see a blur of a face and are 100-percent sure that you just walked by your hirsute neighbor from sophomore year of college. These self produced illusions are frightening for how absolutely convincing they can be. “Prom” by Oh, Rose takes those terrifyingly lucid visual lapses and turns them inward, making them misconceptions of the heart, and thereby much more insidious. “Yeah you know something’s there but you’re not sure what,” Olivia Rose caterwauls at the end of the song.

This phenomenon occured on a small scale when I first heard “Prom” by the  Olympia, Washington-based artist. I skimmed her bandcamp page, as one is wont to do, and gathered that she was located the Pacific Northwest. Somehow internal brain wires got very tangled and I thought the she was actually an older artist that had been associated with the 90s Sub Pop scene. After listening to this track and  its scuzzy rage at the climax, I thought that it made a decent amount of sense. Though I quickly realized this was not the case, I sort of like to think of this track–as it transitions from a hushed storm to distorted turmoil–as a logical extension.


  1. Here’s the official music video for this song:

  2. Tristan Zeek says:

    This song gives me a mellow vibe. i caught myself thinking, “What if this was sang by Cage The Elephant or The White Stripes?” i think it would be cool to see a new rendition by one of those two bands. :)