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Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Mother & Father’ by Broods

Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Mother & Father’ by Broods

Moody, electronic love songs? Yes! Super upbeat, pop-heavy beats paired with lyrics about loneliness? DOUBLE YES! The brother-sister duo, Broods, may sound familiar, but not in the way you might think- no they had nothing to do with the Dreamwork’s animated film, The CroodsThe band hails from Auckland, New Zealand, the same place indie-pop overnight sensation Lorde calls home. If you listen closely, the slightly ominous production and vocal style sounds familiar. Maybe its the fact that both acts share producer Joel Little? Maybe it’s those accents? Maybe those Lord Of The Rings productions left something in the water down under? Regardless, talent keeps sprouting from those beautiful little islands, and I’m about to start a petition to move the Nerdist Industries offices over to NZ. Thoughts?

Broods’ new single, “Mother & Father,” which dropped yesterday, is a solemnly upbeat, synth and drum-heavy three minutes about leaving home and starting over. In summation, you like it because you can relate to it! Three cheers for relating to music! No? Okay.

Take a listen, and if you like it, let Nerdist Music know!


  1. Tim Gendron says:

    Great music has been coming from NZ for years.  Split Enz/Crowded House/Neil Finn anyone? :)