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Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘JazzChains’ by FloFilz

Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘JazzChains’ by FloFilz

FloFilz is an Aachen, Germany-based producer who, for the last year and half, has been steadily churning out some of the best jazz-sampling instrumentals and jazz/Hip-hop mashups on the web. His approach to beat construction reminds me both of Nujabes (who you might recognize as the man behind much of the music in Samurai Champloo) and A Tribe Called Quest (If you ever saw their 2o11 documentary, there is a scene where you see exactly how Q-tip flips record samples in his den to make beats. Its such a revelation to see genius so tangibly).

On “Jazzchains”, Flofilz employs smooth piano loops and a light boom-bap drum track to highlight a Nas sample from “Ether” off the rapper’s 2001 album, Stillmatic. The line captures the aughts of the Jay-Z/Nas fued that started in 2001 and you hear Nas rip Hova apart for embellishing stories. But when backed by FloFilz’s clean instrumental, the bars almost sound disarming.

FloFilz recently got picked up by label/collective Melting Pot Music who will be putting out his album, Metronom, on September 5. If you dig “Jazzchains”, I highly recommend doing some digital crate digging tonight. This guy’s great.