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Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘From Now On’ by Delta Spirit

Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘From Now On’ by Delta Spirit

The Wild West–a desiccated and hyper-idealized concept so many musicians have explored over the years. It’s rare to find a song dedicated to that region of the country without it actually being a trite, top-40 country song. You know what I mean: a song without trucks, beer, girls in jean shorts so short you can almost see their hoo-haa’s. While Top-40 country certainly has its merits, there is a decidedly more adventurous and mysterious aspect aspect to Delta Spirit’s sound. They are about the grit and mud, but also about looking up at the sky and sunset and being stunned by the infinitude of what you are gazing upon.

This idea translates to their music stylings as well: they’re western psych rock–a style that is at once recognizable and yet so completely unique to the band. They recently released their new music video, “From Now On”, and it encompasses the sand-stained, sun-bleached, heat-cracked reality that is the West. It is also a heartrending account of a well-to-do family just getting by. Warning: this video is hard to watch if you love dogs. To be perfectly honest, we teared up a bit (bawled our f-cking eyes out) toward the end of the video.

Delta Spirit’s new album Into The Wide drops September 9 via Dualtone.


  1. bastien says:

    This song is one of Delta Spirit’s more overdone, milquetoast tracks, which is a trend that started with their previous album. I recommend their first two albums “Ode to Sunshine” and “History From Below”, which have a more unique sound, cleaner instrumentation, and aren’t quite so artificial & “produced”.

    I also recommend Ivan & Alyosha and their album “All the Times We Had”, as well as anything from Dr. Dog’s catalog (particularly “Fate” and “We All Belong”).

    This Delta Spirit song really has no connection to a feeling of the Wild West or country music at all. Their older albums got closer to the feel, but the songs are more about studying people than studying the sky. If you want something that actually has a feeling of the Wild West and country music, check out Gregory Alan Isakov and albums like “The Sea, The Gambler”, particularly tracks like “Black & Blue” and “John Brown’s Body”.