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Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Cool DJ Mix’ by Ryan Hemsworth

Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Cool DJ Mix’ by Ryan Hemsworth

Alright, so I am sorta-maybe cheating with this track of the day, but I am 100 percent sure that it is worth it and that you will enjoy.

This week, one of my favorite DJs, Ryan Hemsworth, who is fresh off his Juno Award win last week, released an hour-long mix that includes remixed chart-toppers, Japanese pop, Chicago rap, and Jiggly Puff’s song for good measure. I am so into everything Hemsworth does, so you can expect to read about what he is up to very frequently.

To entice you further I am going to transcribe the introduction of this mix, the narrator of which sounds like a young Harry Potter character from one of the first three books. It is an oddly inspiring introduction and I want to see how it reads written out:

“Hi there, this is Ryan Hemsworth! I am a young adult who still wears a retainer sometimes, because my dentist tells me to! This is a mix inspired by life, death, technology, rap music, Japan, being a cool DJ, kissing, cuddling, feeling hurt, feeling happy, feeling dumb, and other feelings. Please enjoy this mix, because you are awesome and you deserve something enjoyable in life!”

Have a killer weekend everyone! <3 Matt <3

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