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Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Cold’ by Nick Hakim

Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Cold’ by Nick Hakim

We’re giddily checking our texts, Facebook stalking, hoping, wishing, and praying Nick Hakim, a new Brooklyn-via-Washington D.C. artist, gives us the attention we’ve been craving. His sultry sounds fill bodies across the country with tingles. He’s the guitar-toting Sam Smith from our side of the Atlantic–our bearded, soulful warrior and your future music-crush. His buttery vocals are comparable to John Legend and his simple, beautiful harmonies deserve every bit of impending recognition.

Last week he re-debuted his latest single, “Cold,” from his upcoming Where Will We Go Part 1 EP, which drops July 14th. His music speaks to the lonely, the broken hearted, and probably the broken hearteds’ pets. If you’re in a perfect relationship, listen, cry together, and make your relationship even more perfect. Nick Hakim’s music is fulfilling but also leaves you wanting so much more.

Listen to “Cold”  and then watched a stripped-down version of the track below via Yours Truly. Hit up Nerdist Music and tell us just how much you love this guy.

“Cold” via Yours Truly