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Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Bump & Grind 2014’ by Waze & Odyssey feat. R. Kelly

Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Bump & Grind 2014’ by Waze & Odyssey feat. R. Kelly

When one has an opportunity to write about R. Kelly, one finds oneself in a place where one must take said opportunity, crush it, and revel in the glory. If that half-baked metaphor didn’t make sense, it’s only because I’m really excited about this music video.

R. Kelly is the most ridiculous human being on the planet. This is a man who dubbed his last album, Black Panties. R. Kelly operates on a different plane of consciousness, yet, he maintains his absurdity with grace, and today we get to witness him do it again.

RCA Records released a music video featuring Kelly’s famous, “Bump N’ Grind,”  which had been carefully remixed by Waze & Odyssey, house musicians based in Los Angeles. The video is much less sexy than the original, yet in someways so much better. It follows a nerdy, silly man who just wants to get some female attention at a garage sale. After discovering the “Bump N’ Grind” vinyl and then testing out some “Bump N’ Grind” cologne, he’s transformed into a breakdancing machine, inciting chaos all over town. There’s a bit of breakdance fighting with a giant bear, which ends in a… TWIST. I won’t give it away. You’re welcome.

We can all assume R. Kelly okayed this concept, since his record label released the video, which only means he can essentially do whatever he likes. He is the puppet master and we are all his weird little R&B puppets.

Would you try his “Bump N’ Grind” cologne?