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Music Dispatch: Weezer’s Album Stream, TV on the Radio With Pee-wee Herman, and Beatles Pancakes

Music Dispatch: Weezer’s Album Stream, TV on the Radio With Pee-wee Herman, and Beatles Pancakes

Welcome to another mid-week edition of the Music Dispatch, where we aggregate the music news relevant to your interests, sprinkle in a handful of witty retorts, and then hope you are engaged enough to leave words of encouragement in the comment section and Twitter. For example, “I have never wanted to eat the pancake version of Ringo Starr’s face until I read this post!” That may sound weird now, but you’ll just have to wait until you get into the meat of the roundup/look at the featured image to get the reference. Today we have music videos from TV on the Radio (featuring Pee-wee Herman), Mastodon (featuring a plethora of twerking), Chromeo (featuring Napoleon Dynamite), Bass Drums of Death (featuring NSFW nudity), and The Juan Maclean (featuring a lazy Susan).

First thing first: the Jackson 5’s very first, long-lost recording, “Big Boy”, has been rediscovered and will be released for the first time later this month! Listen to the 47-year-old track on SoundCloud and pre-order at Secret Stash. [Rolling Stone]

Funny or Die and director Danny Jelinek bring us a glorious Speed Racer-inspired music video for TV on the Radio’s “Happy Idiot,” featuring a brooding Paul Reubens, a chameleon-like Karen Gillan, and an absolutely gorgeous, powder blue, vintage Aston Martin. TV on the Radio’s forthcoming album, Seeds, will be released November 18.

A bit of sad news: The family of 61-year-old Malcolm Young, founding member of AC/DC, has confirmed the guitarist is suffering from dementia and has retired from the band. His nephew, Stevie Young, will take his place in an upcoming tour. Thanks for always giving us you’re all, Mr. Young! [Rolling Stone]

Mastodon released the music video for “The Motherload”, off their upcoming album Once More ‘Round the Sun. On first inspection, the video looks like something made 20 years ago, and then locked away 19 years ago, to collect dust in VH1’s “generic ‘90s metal video” vault. But then, all of the sudden, twerking appears, and, like a layer of thick ash in a sediment core, we can confirm the video was filmed sometime following the Pleistocene. Mastodon’s Brann Dailor, insists the video is not to be taken seriously, which is reassuring, because dozens of women satirically shaking booty surrounded by crocodile skulls, lizard people, and the oppressive gaze of a krampus would, in most situations, appear very serious. [Pitchfork]

Wu-Tang Clan’s 20th anniversary album, Better Tomorrow, will be available on a limited edition portable Wu-logo-laden Boombot Rex Bluetooth speaker. RZA describes it as “a tangible, item, like your old Walkman or your old cassette, or your old record, that’s what this is bringing back.” [Stereogum]

In the story within Chromeo’s new music video for “Old 45’s,” Patrick Gemayel brings his new wife to the Four Aces Saloon, where David Macklovitch attempts to seduce her with singing, other bar patrons attempt to seduce her with dance, John Heder attempts to seduce her with clunky dialogue, Haim lip-synchs to the chorus, and a weathered bartender discusses his feelings toward pants (which must be very important to the story, because the music stops briefly so we can clearly hear his soliloquy). Eventually, Gemayel is hit in the face with a piece of glass, and a fight ensues. The wife remains silent throughout. [Spin]

Damian Abraham of Fucked Up moderated a Toronto Mayoral Debate, and you can watch all 90-minutes of it! [Pitchfork]

90s punk rock vets, Rancid, have released a video of their first new music in six years. It is the kind of video that leaves you adrenalized and then you have no choice but to thrash along. Check it out here!

The Juan MacLean, the electronic duo of John MacLean and Nancy Whang (formerly of LCD Soundsystem), have a video for “A Simple Design” from their recently released In A Dream, and it currently has a mere 5,000 views on YouTube. Can we change that?

Christine McVie, formerly a longtime member of Fleetwood Mac, has rejoined the band for a 33-city North American tour. [Rolling Stone]

Have you seen Pharrell’s seizure-inducing “It Girl” video yet? It was our “Music Geek Track of the Day” yesterday, for being so fantastically anime and kawaii and video-gamey. Our eyes are still dilated.

Otherworldly harpist Joanna Newsom lends her unique and at-times-mousey voice as the narrator to Paul Thomas Anderson’s bonkers film adaptation of Inherent Vice. [Pitchfork]

Tim League of Fantastic Fest took the time to chat with Nerdist about his new partnership with Death Waltz records.  It was an excellent conversation with an excellent man about some excellent projects, and we are excited to share it with you.

Unless you work in a place where gun-toting, nude women dressed only in revealing bandages is a common occurrence (say, a hospital, or a fashionable bandage factory), Bass Drums of Death’s orgiastically violent “Left for Dead” music video is very NSFW. [Stereogum]

Ever wanted to eat the Beatles faces? That’s super weird, but great news! This pancake artist knows how to perfectly sear pancakes to make breakfast look like the young visages of the Fab Four. I am personally a George’s face pancake kind of guy.

Less porny than that last one is this colorful and frenetic work of art from The New Pornographers. “Dancehall Domine” is from their new album, Brill Bruisers, out now. By the way have you seen our Nerdist Sessions episode with AC Newman yet? If not you should #treatyourself

What a week for album streams! Prince and Weezer? Below you’ll find a cumpolsory list of all the jams we have been listening to around the office, and then in our cars, and then at home:

WeezerEverything Will Be Alright in the End [iTunes]

Prince/3rdEyeGirlArt Official Age & PlectrumElectrum [Pitchfork]

Johnny MarrPlayland [Consequence of Sound]

SBTRKTWonder Where We Land

CaribouOur Love [iTunes]

TinasheAquarius [Fader]

Field ReportMarigolden [Pitchfork]

YelleCompletement Fou [EW]

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