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Music Dispatch: Sleater-Kinney Stream New Album, Jazz Fest Announces Lineup

Music Dispatch: Sleater-Kinney Stream New Album, Jazz Fest Announces Lineup

Monday morning usually has us feeling all Chrissy Tiegen cry-face…


But with all of today’s great music happenings, we can’t possibly keep our smiles locked down in a cringe. We have new albums by way of Death Cab and Sufjan, videos from Noel Gallagher and Tove Lo, and much more to share! Oh, and a little festival called Jazz Fest has announced its lineup! 

The avant-garde The Eric Andrew Show is quickly becoming hallowed halls for offbeat musicians looking to show off their improv comedy chops. Wiz Khalifa, Mac DeMarco, Action Bronson and Killer Mike have all made the transformative spirit quest of being guests, and now Tyler, The Creator joins their rank with his Friday night appearance. The notoriously weird Creator looked right at home on set, flipping over Andrew’s desk, tearing up upon meeting his “father,” and joining in a sudden dance party. [The Fader]

Only last week, Sufjan Stevens shared the trailer for his upcoming rodeo “documentary” Round-UpNow Asthmatic Kitty Records surprises us with the good news of Sufjan’s first album in five years. The eleven track long Carrie & Lowell is billed as a return to his folk roots, and will be available on March 31st. [Nerdist]


Also out on March 31st is the first Death Cab For Cutie album since the 2014 autumnal departure of Chris Walla. While Walla contributes to the album, the remaining members are quick to point out that the record represents “an opportunity for the band to become something it could only become by losing a founding member.” It is an idea that is mirrored in the title, Kintsugi, which is a Japanese style of art where broken ceramics are remade into new pieces of artwork. [Pitchfork]

Noel Gallagher plays himself, but also a brooding and curious do-gooder, in this post-modernly meta music video, about Gallagher’s dislike for music videos, for his High Flying Birds/Johnny Marr collaboration, “Ballad of the Mighty I”. His upcoming album, Chasing Yesterday, will release on March 3rd. [Stereogum]

The New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival, which takes place April 24-May 23 has announced its lineup and its a seriously impressive one. Headliners include The Who, Elton John, No Doubt, Chicago, John Legend, and plenty of genre spanning artists will also be gracing the stages of the revered festival. See the rest of the acts right here and start planning your trip to NOLA. []

Matthew E. White, the soulful rocker behind 2012’s Big Inner LP, is back with “Rock ‘n’ Roll is Cold”, the first single off his forthcoming record, Fresh Blood. Paste describes White as “a songwriter constantly teetering the line between heft and levity,” and the track as no different: “It’s a lighthearted and playful track to be taken seriously.”

On your list of 2015 Must Listens, add Belle & Sebastian’s long awaited ninth album, Girls In Peacetime Want to Dance. And, true to the title, the Scottish folk-rockers have taken a decidedly danceable turn, infusing their talent for melody with a disco energy. And here’s some great news: the full album is available to stream right now over at NPR’s First Listen. Also available to stream at First Listen is Viet Cong’s self-titled debut.

Oh, and, no big deal, but Sleater-Kinney have also triumphantly returned and are streaming their new album No Cities To Love via NPR First Listen as well. Very very excited.

The video for Tove Lo‘s “Talking Body” is an indulgent, spinning Birdman of wickedness, drenched in steamy red light and doused in gold glitter. If TL’s mission was to make us all feel like our social lives are pitifully lacking in erotically dangerous liaisons, mission accomplished. [Idolator]

Mastodon’s hirsute guitarist, Brent Hines, will flex his acting muscles as the late Jackass stunt-man, Ryan Dunn, in Bam Margera’s upcoming film, I Needed Time To Stay Useless. Little has been released about the film, but clips suggest it will be a biopic, involving both documentary-style actual footage, and reenactments of events. [LoudWire]

One track we recently discovered and can’t get enough of is the Trey Gunn (of King Crimson)-produced ambient cover of Bob Dylan’s “Not Dark Yet”, with vocals performed by opera singer, Dylan Bandy.

Now, we wish you a grand week, and leave you with this: A photograph of Death Grips’ weekend trip to Disneyland. [Stereogum]


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