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Music Dispatch: James Blunt Apologizes For ‘You’re Beautiful’, and Rancid Streams New Album

Music Dispatch: James Blunt Apologizes For ‘You’re Beautiful’, and Rancid Streams New Album

Yes, we are all still reeling from the dazzling splendor of yesterday’s “actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf” viral video; the performance art interpretation of the 2012 meme-inspiring song, “Shia LaBeouf”, by Tally Hall’s Rob Cantor. The day actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf graced our internets was the most important day of our lives. But for Shia, it was Tuesday. As insignificant as it may all now seem in the wake of such a monumental event, there are other happenings in the world of music, such as the Lorde-curated Hunger Games soundtrack, ever more vinyls from The Flaming Lips, a new album from punk rock legends Rancid,  and a cat audition tape for Meow the Jewels. Let’s get into the meat of it:

The latest from punk legends Rancid is streaming on iTunes Radio.  …Honor Is All We Know is the first we’ve heard since 2009. In the first track of the album, the boys from Berkeley belt: “I’m back, I’m back, I’m back where I belong. I’ve been gone way to long, and I’m back where I belong.” Our sentiments exactly.

James Blunt regrets force-feeding you “You’re Beautiful” and wishes you wouldn’t think of him as such a depressed person. In a recent interview with Hello! Magazine to promote his new album, Moon Landing, the singer-songwriter admitted the sappy, hit song was over-saturated to the point of becoming annoying, and, despite propelling him to five Grammy nominations and untold riches, limited his appeal to the Desperate Housewives crowd (his words, not mine!). [Spin]

El-P, half of Run The Jewels, visited the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition to audition talent for the what-started-as-a-joke-but-is-now-a-real-thing Meow the Jewels  album, the crowd-funded remixing of Run The Jewels 2 using only cat noises. When a surly dog gave him an uninviting snarl, El-P remarked, “This is exactly why this record is not called Bark the Jewels,” putting to rest that festering question once and for all. [Pitchfork]

The everything bagel of media festivals, Austin’s South By Southwest has announced its initial music lineup, which includes some of our favorite artists like Courtney Barnett, Jessire Ware, and PharmakonWe will be coming to you live from Austin this year so be sure to check back in for updates as SXSW approaches!

The music video for ILoveMakonnen and Drake’s “Tuesday” is here. What it lacks in cohesiveness, it makes up for in creepy, mannequin-headed women. If you are unfimiliar with Makonnen, he is the man that inspired Andy Milonakis to dress up as a terrifying  clown version of said mannequin.

Taylor Swift accidentally uploaded 8 seconds of static on iTunes and it immediatley went to the top of the iTunes charts in Canada, because they are all happy and they love everything up there, or so we hear. [Vulture]

The trailer for R.E.M.’s documentary R.E.M. By MTV features an extremely young, college-aged collective of kids who would ultimately turn into one of the most influential alternative rock groups in the world. The documentary will broadcast in November on MTV and VH1 and will be included in the REMTV box set which comes out on November 24. [NPR]

Arcade Fire’s Will Butler has apparently provided music for the documentary Bronx Obama, about an Obama impersonator named Louise Ortiz. If only the guy could just nail the Obama voice a wee bit better, then this would be truly uncanny. Check out the trailer above.

And did you see Gwen Stefani‘s new music video for “Baby Don’t Lie” on The Voice this week? It brings to mind a psychedelic Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper from days long past. [Rolling Stone]

Following last week’s release of his new track “No Better Blues”, Chance the Rapper has announced that his group the Social Experiment will be releasing a free album, titled Surf, by year’s end. In addition to potential cameos from Frank Ocean and J. Cole, Chance suggested his upcoming concerts will hold a closer resemblance to The Lion King musical than your traditional hip hop show. Before you get all skeptical, just listen to his beautiful cover of the Arthur theme song and tell me this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. [Billboard] 


The Flaming Lips will release a vinyl edition of their secret 2007 Christmas album ATLAS EETS CHRISTMAS, in honor of Record Store Day’s “Black Friday” celebration on November 28th. Previously released under the pseudonym Imagene Peise (John Lennon’s “Imagine Peace”, get it?), the album was only available as a very limited edition CD. Building up to the release, and also to promote their new Sgt. Pepper cover album With A Little Help From My Fwendsthe band will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel on October 27th and Conan on November 6th. All royalties from Fwends will be donated to the Bella Foundation.

Jaden Smith has released a music video to “Blue Ocean”, and it looks like someone forgot to bring the light kit for the night shoots. [Daily Mail]

The full tracklist for the Lorde-curated The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 soundtrack has been released, and will feature an all-too-predictable collaboration between Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip, and HAIM. Who didn’t see that coming from a mile away? Check out Joseph’s write-up for the full list.

BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe’s asked the question: What would the 2011 film Drive sound like with a distinctly synth-pop soundtrack?? But, you know a NEW distinctly synth-pop soundtrack? he’s taken it upon himself to find out. While I, personally, think it would be much more interesting to see the movie re-scored using strictly Lynyrd Skynyrd songs, or maybe Mickey Mousing it to “The Blue Danube”, I fully support this project because of the stellar groups he’s recruited to contribute. For example, listen to Chvrches “Get Away”, on of this week’s Music Geek Tracks of the Day.

Bay-area startup Yondr (we know it’s a startup because they’re too efficient for E’s) wishes to improve your concert-going experience by locking your smart-phone in a portable, impenetrable case, and thereby forcing you to live in the moment or whatever. Like Crystal Pepsi or a chair wearing shoes, it’s an idea. [Pigeons and Planes]

That’s all for today. Have a great day and keep a watch out for actual cannibal Shai LeBeouf…

Let us know which groovy tune or new item caught your fancy today in the comments below and on Twitter!

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  1. Andy Cook says:

    Thank christ you kept it swift with the whole Rancid thing, how the feck does that tie in with this website? although good on ya for recognising it 🙂

  2. Patrick says:

    C’mon, James. “You’re Beautiful” will always be a winner just because of the line, “She could see by my face that I was f’n high!”